Setting a budget is an important step in the process of shopping for a promise ring. This will help you narrow down options and prevent overspending.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional diamond, a lab-grown diamond, or moissanite, there are many options at affordable prices. The key is to find a ring that captures your sentiments and aligns with your financial situation.

How Much Will a Promise Ring Cost?

There is no set cost for a promise ring, though they generally do not cost as much as an engagement or wedding ring. The price of the ring will depend on what style, gemstones, and metals you choose. For example, a natural sapphire and diamond split shank ring like our RSD009-WAME may be more expensive than a traditional ring with the same design but less gemstones.

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, we offer unique silver promise rings. These rings come in a range of designs and can be paired with her personal collection of jewelry. One of our favorites is a rhodium-plated silver moissanite promise ring that costs only $195.

It is also important to note that some promise rings don’t feature any gemstones at all. These are often engraved with a message or pattern and can make a beautiful choice for someone who prefers minimalist styles or stacking sets. Alternatively, you could choose a gemstone promise ring, such as this 14K gold ruby and emerald promise ring.


Diamond promise rings for couples are a beautiful symbol of the commitment to love and honor someone forever. They shine as a light in the dark of difficult times, reminding us that happiness will come again and that we should hold onto hope for good things to happen in our relationships.

A ring’s diamond prices are set by supply and demand on the open market. The pricing structure for diamonds is based on the rap list that breaks down the size range table, the round list and the pear list and then further broken down by color and clarity. The intersection of these lists sets the baseline per carat wholesale price at which all diamonds are judged.

As a result, a ring’s price may fluctuate quite significantly with changes to shape, size and clarity. The inclusion of a buy-back or trade-up guarantee can also impact the value and price of a diamond ring. Generally, these types of guarantees add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional value that is not included in the base price for the diamond ring.


Most promise rings use precious metals like gold, and some feature gemstones. They tend to be smaller than engagement rings and more subtle in appearance. Engraving is another popular option, which allows the wearer to keep the meaning of their commitment to their partner private.

You can find promise rings at jewelry retailers and online, with options to suit every taste and budget. For a more unique choice, you can visit antique or vintage jewelry stores to find one-of-a-kind rings with special character and a timeless fashionable flair.

You can also shop at pawn shops or other specialty retailers to discover a wide range of promise ring designs. Some of the most popular options include halo designs that feature a central gem surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds, three-stone rings that symbolize past, present, and future together, and infinity rings that represent eternal love. You can even get a custom promise ring made to meet your exact specifications.


If you’re not ready to go all in with an engagement ring, but would like to affirm your commitment to one another, then a silver promise ring might be the perfect gift. These rings come in a variety of styles, from slim and fine bands to those adorned with gemstones. Some retailers also offer personalisation options, such as engraving a message or significant date into the band of the ring.

Small diamond rings, typically a bit smaller than those used in engagement ring designs, are a classic choice for a promise ring. They can be crafted into intricate and interesting forms, incorporating twists and curves into the design. You can even find rings featuring clusters of diamonds or gemstones that add a touch of color and sparkle.

Other popular choices include engraved rings, Claddagh rings (a traditional Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty) and heart-shaped promise rings. Many of these rings come in a number of different metals, including rose gold and yellow gold.